MBC Operation Shoebox
Operation Shoebox got underway today from Pathways Head Office. Having taken delivery of over 600 Christmas shoeboxes gifted by members of the public through the campaigning efforts of Sarah and John Coccia, several organisations and charities from Maidstone and Medway came to pick up their requested loads. All beautifully wrapped, some with little notes, these boxes have all been created with time, love and effort and will mean a great deal to those who receive them this Christmas.

Time for Homelessness Operation Shoebox

Some of these boxes will find their way onto the streets for those homeless who are sleeping rough, others will make their way to Christmas parties organised by kind people who have donated time, resources or space for Christmas dinners to be held for the homeless in the run up to the big day. Some of the ‘female’ boxes are going to women who are being supported by specialist outreach workers for their ‘Ladies Night’ and whose situations these women find themselves living in is very dangerous. Thirty of the boxes went to support vulnerable veterans recovering from physical and mental ailments who are living in supported accommodation and 133 boxes went to children aged 0-17 living in temporary accommodation this Christmas in Maidstone’s borough.

Caring Hands Operation Shoebox

Through our combined networking, you have helped the homeless and vulnerably housed of the following organisations: Caring Hands, Time for Homeless, Street Angels, One Big Family, Royal British Legion Industries, Maidstone Borough Council and Medway Council. A huge thank you on behalf of those organisations and the people they serve, who are all attempting to cope with, or recover from, the trauma of homelessness; this will make their Christmas that little bit brighter as they will know people value them enough to care. Thank you.

~ x ~